New Municipal Court coming to Grandfalls?

by Michael Stafford

NewsWest 9

Proponents want the court to enforce the city's ordinances to clean up the city and attract new business.

But opponents say not so fast, and they're ready to fight it.

Sue Mullins is one of the biggest opponents of establishing a court.  The city tried a similar move six years ago, but it failed and Mullins voted against that one too.

Mullins says many residents like the small town's family type atmosphere, and they'll fight this proposal yet again.

"This isn't Dallas or Fort Worth.  If one ordinance is going to be upheld then, they'll all be upheld.  Everybody knows everybody here.  We use to be like family," says Mullins.

Other opponents are already slinging mud.  One sign in town reads: If you do not want a tyrant and municipal court running the city of Grandfalls, attend the next council meeting.

If you take a drive around the small city, you'll see some eyesores like junk cars and old tractors.  Some folks tell us kids also keep farm animals in their back yards, and all these things don't sit well with Mayor Mandy Brandenburg.  She tells Newswest 9, "No one is going to come here, and bring a business without a Municipal Court to protect their business.  They won't bring an investment here, if there's no way to protect it".

There's one deputy who patrols the area, but that's for resident's safety.  He's not used much to enforce the city's ordinances.  Meantime, the battle lines are drawn, and we'll certainly keep you posted on how this one turns out.