Teachers Struggling with Housing Shortage

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

With more students going to Fort Stockton, more teachers are needed to fill the need, but tracking down a place to stay has become a struggle for some.

"I immediately started contacting realtors and then I found if you want to rent a place you can forget it pretty much that's what I was told," Ronald Walker, an Assistant Band Director, said.

Finding a place to live was nearly as complicated as looking for a needle in a haystack, for first time Assistant Band Director Ronald Walker.

"I just kept calling everyday and kept calling the list and didn't find anything until actually, the day I got here," Walker said.

Walker says he got lucky and found a house the day he moved here from San Antonio, but incoming teacher Meagan Bailey didn't have the same good luck.

"I didn't know the market was so tight, I didn't know they were having so many problem finding housing for new teachers," Meagan Bailey, a theatre teacher, said.

It took her three months to find a place to live.

"When I first came down here they said there was no housing, they said they would work really hard to find me a place, and I knew I was supposed to be here and I was supposed to teach," Bailey said.

New baseball coach for Fort Stockton High School Scotty Bruington has a wife and four kids, fortunately, he was able to find a home right away.  He got the house of the old baseball coach.

"It's a little tight the house we moved out of, had lots of storage, and I got lots of little kids and that equals lots of toys, and this house doesn't have a lot of storage, so we have quite a bit of stuff in boxes but it's livable," Scotty Bruington, a new baseball coach, said.

These teachers say they're fortunate to find their new homes and now they're looking forward to starting their new jobs in just a few days.

"I just had faith that it would happen and I didn't worry about it.  I knew that God wouldn't bring me here if I didn't have a place to live so I just put all my faith in him and it worked out," Bailey said.