Massachusetts man arrested after secretly taping women

by Grant Greenberg

A 43-year-old Brockton, Massachusetts man was looking at more than food in the supermarket aisle, police said.

The man was caught secretly taping women's chests and buttocks as they shopped, said Lt. John Crowley, chief of detectives.

David Caledonia of 35 of Brockton was charged with illegally taping and disturbing the peace.

He was arrested Thursday after security officers at Stop & Shop spotted him video taping women with a hidden camera, Crowley said.

"He was seen on store surveillance, taping with a camera hidden behind his supermarket flyer," Crowley said.

The flyer had a hole in it for the camera lens, he said.

"He told the officers he has been doing this a couple of times a week for two or three months," Crowley said. "He told the officers he was lonely and had trouble meeting women. He said he was glad he was caught and wanted help."

The suspect said his videotaping wasn't restricted to the supermarket.

He told officers that he also videotaped women at the Home Depot where he worked.

The suspect was caught, ironically, by surveillance cameras, the lieutenant said.

"I bet he felt as his victims felt," Crowley said