Texas man puts child in dryer as a punishment

by Kimberly Woodard


A Lumberton, Texas man has been charged with injury to a child after putting a child in a dryer.

27-year-old Bobby Lynn Curtis was charged with injury to a child Tuesday morning.

Authorities say he put his girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter in the family's clothes dryer.

The girl suffered only minor injuries.

Lumberton Police Captain Danny Sullins says a woman came into the police station to report her 2-year-old daughter had burns on her arm.

The child was taken to the hospital and treated and released.

She was then taken to the Garth House in Beaumont where she told an interviewer that her mother's boyfriend had put her in the dryer the night before.

After getting that statement police arrested Curtis Monday night.

He gave police a full confession and said he did it because he suffers from anger issues.

He told officers he was bathing the child when she had a tantrum.

He says he then put her in a dryer for a short time, before pulling her out and putting her to bed.

The girl is back with her mother who police say did the right thing by reporting the incident.