Flooding ravages parts of the Midwest

by Jeff Ranieri

NBC Weather Plus, NBC News

The weather in parts of the Midwest is starting to clear after days of drenching rain and flash flooding.
But the severe flooding threat continues throughout the Midwest, which has already been blamed for over twenty deaths.

The big problem here when it comes to the storms, is they just don't want to move anywhere fast.

So we are continually, each day, see these storms re-ignite.

Now there is still the potential here over the next few days to get several more inches of rainfall, scattered throughout the Midwest and that's the biggest fear as many of these rivers and creeks are near bank full.

It could set out flash flooding in just moments in many cases.

Now where we are here in Shelby, Ohio, we've had devastating flooding on Monday as more than seven inches of rainfall fell in about a twelve hour period.
"I think the community is doing fairly well, but yes there is a lot of damage to homes. a lot of damage to their vehicles and property and so forth. people will get through it, but it is not pretty right now," said Dan roses, Mayor of Bucyrous, Ohio.