COPY-ECISD Construction

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

Odessa - It's a problem that both teachers and students are going to have to deal with at some schools. And that's construction. NewsWest 9 checked on the progress of two ECISD schools.

"When you are talking about the two that are on going right now, they're really in the middle of everything. At Burleson they got a new gym. Permian's getting all new front offices for the principals and administrators, there also getting a whole set of science classrooms, and labs, just a lot of construction that's needed for the extra room and extra facilities that these schools need," said Mike Adkins with ECISD.

As teachers return to work this week, some in Ector County have to work around the problem of construction in the middle of the school. Lots of schools have seen renovations since ECISD's 2001 bond. The plan was for all of the bond construction to last for 7 to 10 years. And part of that for Permian High and Burleson Elementary is dealing with construction during the school year.

"Point to be made about this is for those two projects, neither one was scheduled to be completed, for the beginning of the school year, it just wasn't feasible, with the amount of work that was going in, when the project started, there just wasn't any way to complete them before the school year started, but the hope is certainly to have them done as quickly as possible," explained Adkins.

Officials said more than likely it won't be until next year before the work at Permian and Burleson is complete. Right now they estimate Burleson to be a little over halfway complete, and Permian not quite halfway. But until they are finished, students and staff will have to work around them.