Uncle Sam to Pay for M.I.S.D. Cameras

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Last week M.I.S.D. approved a bid for Guardian, a company out of Lubbock who will install camera's on every campus in the district on Uncle Sam's dime.

It's a part of a more than a million dollar grant called Secure Our Schools and will offer extra eyes to Administrators who will have access to the surveillance video. The installation should start next month.

"Who's entering the school, who's in the hallways," said Lt. James Bowan. "It's going to cut down on all the burglaries and any unwanted people on the campus."

District police will soon have an added resource.

"If they report a burglary or a fight. We will have the capability to pull that up and use it for evidence or to verify if a crime did occur," said Lt. Bowan.

All Midland buses will also be getting digital camera systems and officials say it will help with overall safety.

"It's on tape that way we can all see what's happening," said Debbie Jones, transportation specialist with M.I.S.D.