Local Response Group Preparing for Hurricane Dean

by Jacqueline Sit

NewsWest 9

"When our state ask for the support and help from anybody else, whether it's our surrounding state or our own state here's a resource that's available to do something like that, and so we're ready to do it," Lawrence Wilson with the Midland-Odessa Medical Response group, said.

Nine volunteers, mainly nurses from the Midland Memorial Hospital dropped everything to help those in need, hundred of miles away.

"Right now we have folks that can help with sicker people and getting them evacuated out but not necessary providing healthcare in the immediate hands on way," Wilson said.

With the possibility of Hurricane Dean making its way into south Texas, the military is bracing for the worse and so are the volunteers, the Midland-Odessa Medical Response group.

"After Katrina happened, there were a few doctors who got together and asked how we can be prepared to help if something like this were to happen down the line in our state again," Wilson said.

After the last hurricane devastated much of the gulf, evacuees made their way to all parts of Texas, including Midland.  The group was born at the start of this summer to help those when disaster strikes.

"They actually get orders cut in the state of Texas and when they're actually deployed like this, they're actually on active duty so to speak and they're actually working on the dates they're on deployment," Wilson said.

For now, the group is working ahead of their time, hoping and planning for the worse and hoping for the best.