Massive Flooding in Oklahoma

By Stephen Frazier
CNN News

Floodwaters more than seven meters high inundated the town of Kingfisher, Oklahoma, spawning dramatic rescue efforts that didn't go exactly as planned.

In one instance, a helicopter lifted a stranded woman out of the water, as the helicopter whisked her away, she lost her grip and dropped back down into the water.

The chopper stopped, hovering just above water-level, and retrieved her, this time for good.

A similar scenario was played out, when a man also lost hold of the helicopter and fell back in.

Fortunately, both people made it to safety.

And there are other dramatic scenes from Kingfisher:  Residents stranded on rooftops, literally the only part of their house not under water.

Some of them using their cell phones to call for help.

Strong storms spawned by the remnants of tropical storm Erin caused the flooding.

Officials say at least one person drowned, and another is missing.