Two women behind in Big Spring after almost running over a police officer

Staff Report

NewsWest 9

Two women in big trouble in Big Spring, accused of stealing an unmarked squad car, and running over a cop.

It happened around midnight Sunday, when 27-year-old Heather Atkinson and 21-year old Maria Hernandez were pulled over for speeding and wreckless driving.

After arresting the two women and putting them in the back seat of his car, Lieutenant Lance Telchik went to secure the women's car.

Police say that's when Atkinson climbed into the driver's seat, and tried to drive away, hitting Telchik.

Telchik was able to call for help, and officers found the stolen police car crashed into a guardrail.

Deputies caught up to the women, still handcuffed, and took them into custody.

Telchik was taken to Mountain Scenic Medical Center where he was treated and released.

Both women remain behind bars.

Bond for Atkinson, who is facing bodily injury with a deadly weapon charges, has been set at more than 50-thousand dollars.

Bond for Hernandez is set at 25-hundred dollars.