FEMA officials say their ready for Hurricane Dean

By Liz Kennedy

FEMA Officials came out sunday with a message, if Hurricane Dean does make landfall on the American Gulf Coast, help is ready to go.

"We are ready, this is one of the best efforts I've seen, the best coordinated efforts I've seen," David Paulson, Director of FEMA, said.

FEMA says their latest information shows the storm not making it as far north as Texas.

However, they say hurricanes are ultimately very unpredictable and they are working under the assumption the united states will be affected.

The White House has already approved a request to free up federal assistance for Texas.

On the Gulf of Mexico off the Texas coast Sunday, oil rig workers were evacuated via helicopter to nearby Galveston.

A veteran of the rigs says he was happy to comply.

"I know what it's like to be on, get caught, trapped on one and you can't get off of it, its not much fun," Ken Yates, an oilrig worker, said.

Dean is being blamed for several deaths in the Caribbean.

Forecasters say it could bring up to 20 inches of rain in heavily populated Jamaica Sunday evening, which could trigger life-threatening floods.