Child Care Crunch

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- It's not a crisis situation, yet but area day care centers are feeling the crunch of two many new babies and kids and not enough space. 

"We're looking at next year for us to have any openings," said April Terrell, owner of Aladdin's Castle in Odessa.

Terrell says the crunch has gotten so bad, a positive pregnancy test means it's time to get on a waiting list.

"They need to tell me before they tell their husband and their mothers, so that's kind of our joke around here but that's what I am telling all new mothers, they need to get on a waiting list or go see facilities, as soon as they find out they are pregnant," said Terrell who says she gets 20 calls a day for parents looking to place their kids.

"I think it's becoming a crisis situation for infants and toddlers," said Terrell, "In the preschool programs we have more children to care givers and therefore we have a few more spots available."

Expectant mother, Heidi Fahlstrom works at Aladdin's, she says when she found out she was pregnant she immediately put her unborn baby on the waiting list.

"I went straight to Mrs. April and told her. I called her that same day actually," Fahlstrom said, "We've been on the waiting list for nine months, and I was lucky to get a spot."