Local Customers Get Surprise on iPhone Bill

by Jacqueline Sit

NewsWest 9

"I felt loved that I got a package but it wasn't a package, it was my bill, it's kind of ridiculous that it came in a box," Efrain Ramos, who received a 378 page phone bill on his iPhone, said.

A box of bills from AT&T came into the mail for iPhone users like Efrain Ramos.

Talk about a phone bill. Efrain Ramos got nearly 400 pages of them and not to mention it cost about 7 dollars just to ship it.

"It's pretty funny, it's ridiculous." Ramos said.

The 378 pages spelled out every text message, internet access and phone calls made on both sides of each page.

"I've never got anything like that before," Ramos said.

Neither has Lonnie Richardson, a first time cell phone user.  So when he got his first iPhone bill in his mailbox, it was an eye opener getting his share of papers in the mail.

But rather than getting hundreds, he just got a few dozen pages.

"It doesn't really matter, it's not that many right now," Lonnie Richardson, who got a 40 page bill, said.

Getting such a detailed bill is something he says he can probably find useful.

"If I had a kid I would want to know who they were text messaging, and if they were texting at two o'clock in the morning, I would want to put a stop to it so that would be kind of useful to know," Richardson said.

Or for other practical reasons.

"You can use this to start a small fire in your fireplace," Richardson said.

AT&T says customers can choose to check out their statements online or opt for a summary bill.

"I don't know how long it'll last, because they're wasting all their money on paper and postage," Ramos said.

"This doesn't change a thing I still love my iPhone," Richardson said.