More fallout over DHL closing

by Mitzi Loera

NewsWest 9

Last night NewsWest 9 told you local contractor Midessa-Express closed up shop and stopped making their D-H-L deliveries.

Putting some business owners in a bind.

The Postnet store on Wadley in Midland waited and waited yesterday for a D-H-L courier to come by and make a pick up of packages.

According to the owner they never showed and the packages just sat in the store.

The owner made several attempts to get a hold the owners of the packages to see if they wanted to change their delivery service, but they were unsuccessful.

"I didn't know anything about it until channel nine called and I did have several things and they didn't come and get them," owner Diane Browne said.

D-H-L's corporate office says customers who are still waiting for their packages should call customer service to make arrangements to pick up them up out here on La Force Blvd, near the airport until all the routes are running again.

We spoke to the new contractors, Dallas based J-M-K, and they tell us they're trying to get things back to normal and ask their customers to be patient.

They also asked us to get a message to the drivers who worked for Midessa-Express.

That message, they still have jobs if they want them.

On Wednesday, employees told NewsWest 9 they were told by Midessa Express to clean out their vans and go home, that created a lot of confusion. 

Those trucks don't belong to D-H-L they belong to Midessa Express and they took the trucks with them, along with all their records and paperwork.

J-M-K is bringing in its own trucks for package delivery.

The problem, J-M-K is now without drivers and no way to contact the ones who were here yesterday, so they want to get the word out those drivers still have jobs, they won't be losing any benefits, any vacation.

No one from J-M-K would speak to us on camera, but we were on the phone with them all day and they say they are trying to get things back up to speed.