Odessa Police continue search for Armed Robbery suspects

by Michael Stafford
NewsWest 9

Odessa Police are on the lookout for two hispanic men, late teens, or early 20's who allegedly robbed a restaurant Thursday afternoon.

The pair came in through an unlocked door at the la parrilla restaurant on 10th and graham, across from odessa high school.

The men forced a female worker, and a visitor to the floor and took about 800 dollars from the register.

One is believed to have used a gun, the other had a knife.

The owners say they've been hit twice in two weeks by burglars, and Thursday's incident makes the third case.

An elderly man who lives nearby says he's afraid for his grandkids in this violent neighborhood.

"The thing is like what happened today has occured maybe my kids may be out here they may might get hurt, something like that might happen.  It really concerns me with 5 grandkids riding around," says Mateo Carrasco, who lives nearby.

Both men had on dark pants, or jeans.   One had a light blue shirt, the other a dark blue shirt.  

If you have any information, call Odessa Police at 333-3641.