New Assistant Superintendent at West Texas State School

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

PYOTE- "It was hard on a lot of people here and those that have stuck with us, they are the people that are going to bring the West Texas State School out of the ashes and back to a viable facility," said new Assistant Superintendent Bill Hollis.
Holis has worked for the TYC on and off for 17 years, but when he asked a supervisor what he thought was a simple question back in 2005, he had no idea it would lead to what he calls one of the most difficult times of his life.

"There was never any intention of uncovering wrong doing, I simply wanted to know why I had kids out past bedtime," said Hollis, whose question led to an investigation that never materialized into an arrest.

"There was a level of frustration. But sometimes you have to stick to your guns, and I felt like I was right, in pursing this and not letting it go," he said.

Eventually two former employees John Paul Hernandez and Ray Brookins were indicted. Now years later he is back at the Pyote facility, ready to remove the stigma surrounding the West Texas State School.

"I'd like to see the credibility and the reputation of the facility in the local communities restored," he said adding the restructuring of the TYC will help bring that change, "I think that is one of the biggest things that came out of this whole situation, a whole new system of reporting, a whole new structure."