Officials in Corpus Christi prepare for Tropical Storm Erin

by Susan Roesgen
Corpus Christi, Texas

You come to Corpus Christi for the water, but by Thursday, the water may be coming to us here at the marina.

Sailors here behind me have been taking in their sails and tying up their boats with longer ropes, so that the boats can rise for what they expect to be a two-foot storm surge.

But what's bad news for sailors sometimes can be good news for fishermen.

I talked to the owner of that shrimp boat over there. She says that whenever a tropical storm comes into the Gulf of Mexico, it's great for shrimpers.

The shrimp move around, just like people picking up hurricane supplies in a Home Depot. And she says today's catch was excellent because of that.

I also talked to the emergency management folks here in Corpus Christi. They are not too concerned about erin. They say they are ready for what they believe will just be a lot of rain. They hope not too much.

What they're really more worried about is Tropical Storm Dean.