Economic Boom in Hobbs

by Jacqueline Sit

NewsWest 9

"It's a problem most people would be delighted to have," Dan Dible, City Manager of Hobbs, New Mexico, said.

A problem that's more like a blessing in disguise.  Hobbs City Manager Dan Dible says they're suffering a housing and workers shortage because of the oil boom, but it's not all bad news.

"Residential home construction is moving at a rapid pace but it seems like the priority is for multi family lodging first," Dible said.

Right here you can see construction workers building dozens of apartments and right across the way, a new hotel is in the works.

"So 6 hotels over 500 rooms," Dible said.

That's right, three hotels from the Fairfield Inn to a La Quinta in the building stages and another three are making their way to Hobbs.

"There's really a lot going on in Hobbs, we're really, really busy at the moment," Dible said.

And that's not all, a new neighborhood with plenty of housing will be booming on both the north and east side of town.

"We got a large amount of temporary housing for people living in RVs and that sort of thing because of the housing shortage, there's a major new RV park in the city that is full," Dible said.

More hotels and housing, all fueled by the gas and oil business.  It's a challenge this city will be facing for months, if not years.

"It's just a question of catching up it's a chicken and egg thing, if you have a labor shortage you need housing, so it's just a struggle to deal with," Dible said.

Hobbs City Manager Dan Dible tells NewsWest Nine these hotel projects are expected to be complete by the end of this year.