TXDOT & DPS officials asking drivers to slow down on Highway 191

by Mitzi Loera

NewsWest 9

"We've seen rollovers, and cases like that right in front of our eyes," says Carlos Garcia, a worker with TXDOT.

For Carlos Garcia, an inspector with TXDOT, a day at work is like a matador in a bullring, he finds creative ways to dodge distracted drivers who disobey work zone areas on Highway 191.

"You get afraid because sometimes, because you're facing the construction, and not the traffic, sometimes you get a lot of traffic that are speeding its scary," Garcia said.

Its so scary TXDOT issued a statement asking for drivers to slow down and recognize those construction zone areas.

"Even though there are signs out there that say road work ahead they're not slowing down they act like the speed limit is 70, 75 and 80 miles an hour, and they are going through our construction zones and its endangering the lives of our construction workers, our inspectors with TXDOT and the drivers themselves," Glen Larum, with TXDOT said.

Now TXDOT is calling in some back up to make sure drivers are slowing down and obeying the warning signs.

"We've asked the DPS to come out and step their patrol, and they've agreed they realize the problem.  We think it ought to be enough that there is a sign that says roadwork ahead, equipment out on the roadway, construction workers out on the roadway, but apparently for lots of drivers that's not enough," Larum said.

And maybe what will be enough is red and blue lights in the rearview mirror of these drivers.

"We're going to go out there and have a presence.  If we can stop cars safely we are going to do it we are going to issue citations inside that construction zone let people know if you go in there, and you are following to closely if you are driving aggressively especially if you are speeding in those construction zones, you will be stopped and cited," Lt. Bryan Rippee, a DPS Trooper said.

Remember as always fines double in a construction zone.

Construction will be going on out here for about another month.