Rescue efforts continue in Utah mine collapse

by Leanne Gregg

NBC News

Crews are drilling a third hole into the Crandall Canyon Mine to try and reach the six miners trapped there last Monday.

Rescue leaders said they're doing everything they can to get to the trapped miners.

They're consulting with some of the top experts in the industry, but still progress is much slower than they had hoped.

"It's heartbreaking, it's absolutely heartbreaking that we haven't found them alive," said mine co-owner Robert Murray.

On monday rescue coordinators released video taken by a camera lowered into the mine.

It showed the roof had not collapsed and some equipment, but no miners.

Rescuers are now drilling a third hole to try and find the men.

"When we didn't find anyone there we asked the question well where would the miners most likely go," said Richard Stickler of the MSHA.

Efforts to clear underground debris passageways to get to the men have been hampered by dangerous conditions.

Even long time miners describe it as the worst they've ever seen.
With so much disheartening news this mining community is standing together as the wait continues.

Church services and prayer vigils have been held every day since the mine collapse.