Karl Rove, advisor to the Bush White House resigns

by Brian Mooar

NBC News

Top presidential adviser Karl Rove announced Monday that he's leaving the white house at the end of the month.

Rove says he's been thinking about leaving for a year, though many had assumed he'd serve until the president leaves office in January 2009.

But the White House has asked departing staffers to resign before Labor Day to avoid a revolving door in the last days of the bush presidency.

Appearing with the President before reporters, rove said there's no good time to leave just a right time and this is it.

Rove is considered the architect of the president's rise to the white house.

His work in Washington has made him famous, and infamous and ultimately one of the most powerful and divisive characters in American politics

He was a popular target for democrats and was a central figure in the administration's biggest controversies.

From the outing of undercover CIA officer Valerie Plame to the firings of U.S. attorneys.
President Bush never publicly wavered in his support for the friend he met three decades earlier.

Many assumed rove would remain with the president until the end of his term.

In dropping the bombshell of his departure, Rove thumbed his nose at the White House Press Corps one last time.

Instead of handing the big scoop to a reporter, Rove gave the exclusive to an Editor at the Wall Street Journal.
Rove tells NBC News he plans to sit out the 2008 presidential race