Odessa Parents Not Sitting Well with Vacant Seat in District Two

by Jacqueline Sit

NewsWest 9

That seat is still wide open and we spoke with several parents who live in district two and they say last night's decision is leaving some of them on edge.

"It's a little disturbing, and I'm sure I'm not the only parent that feels that way.  There's other people out there that's voiced their opinion, that there's no representation for us," Emma Rodriquez, a parent who lives in District 2, said.

It's disturbing news for some Odessa parents, their students' district has no representation, at least not for another three months, and the upcoming school year is right around the corner.

"Our kids right now, they need to have someone in place, they need to have a voice, they need to have this already lined out so that they can have formal meetings so they're not focusing on who's going to take the place, who's going to fill the position, we should be focusing on the school program itself," Simona Rivas, a parent in District 2, said.

Some Odessa parents aren't too happy with Thursday night's decision.  ECISD's school board couldn't agree on who should take over the open seat.  The board gave Fay Batch one vote, Feliz Abalos got two and Enrique Romero received three votes.  The winner needed four votes to get the go ahead.

"I think there should be somebody there temporarily at least elect somebody for those three months, because for those three months anything can happen, and if anything happen to our district on any decision that needs to be made, it's open, there's nobody there to make that decision for us," Rodriquez said.

Those parents we spoke to do applaud the quality of each candidate, and they believe having a minority on the board will better represent their district.

"I think we need to have a combination of diversity on the board," Rivas said.

"I think we do need a minority out there to represent us because a lot of District 2 district are minorities," Rodriquez said.

Now anyone in District Two can apply as board members get ready for a November 6th election.
Whoever wins in November will have to run again in may since Renda Berryhill's term would've expired. 

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