U.S. Marshals arrest federal fugitive in Midland

Staff Report

NewsWest 9

U.S. Marshals finally catch up to a federal fugitive after a chase that started in Odessa, and ended in Midland.

NewsWest Nine cameras, the only ones rolling, when marshals slapped the cuffs on Dan Ward.

This all started two weeks ago in Austin, when authorities let ward out of jail inadvertently, after he had been sentenced to 10 years in prison on a federal gun charge.

Marshals had been tracking Ward, knowing he would come back to Odessa, and were watching his car in the parking lot of a local hotel.

Marshals tell NewsWest Nine, Ward saw them, jumped in his car, and led them on a chase through Odessa.

Authorities gave up the pursuit, because they didn't want anyone to get hurt, and lost him.

They caught up to him at the Academy in Midland a short time later, when Ward was spotted by an off-duty Odessa Police Officer.

He called in re-inforcements and Ward was arrested without a problem.

Ward is now facing even more federal charges including escape from custody, felon in posession of a gun, and state parole violation.