More progress made in Utah Miners Rescue

Staff Report
NBC News

A small drill has reached a pocket where the six trapped Utah miners are.

Now leaving it up to some high tech equipment to see if they're alive.
With the help of two other states,  a truck with special camera equipment is now on the way to the mine to help in the rescue.  

Rescuers plan to drop that communication equipment through the 2 1/2-inch hole and hope the missing miners able to reach it.  

The drill finally broke through late Thursday night after days of drilling.

"It's going to take approximately two hours to withdraw the drill steel. And then they'll have to set up and rig up to lower the audio equipment, the gas monitoring tube and that will take a little time to position that over the hole. Because when you figure you have 18-hundred feet, there's quite a bit of weight in the cable itself," Richard Stickler, Assistant Secretary with MSHA, said. 

So far they have found no signs of life.