Illegal Dumping in Big Spring

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

One person's junk could be another's treasure, but out here at Big Spring's Salvation Army, there's only junk.

"The mirrors are good, but this is all wet," Maria Hagland, Manager of Salvation Army in Big Spring, said.

Junk and more junk.

"You can smell it, it smells bad," Hagland said.

"What does it smell like?"

"Like urine," Hagland said.

"Sometimes I see the guys just come in, and throw the furniture here, and for us it's going to be hard to put them in the truck," Hagland said.

"They don't want to pay the 5 dollars for the landfill, and it's easier to come here as soon as we close they come and start bringing their leftovers, their trash mostly," Hagland said.

Worn out couches and recliners and pianos, the legs are falling apart, and the keys are rusty.  It's junk like this that's causing The Salvation Army major problems.

Volunteers are spending countless hours in the scorching heat.

"We can only do so much here, because we still have to take care of the store," Hagland said.

Cleaning after the mess piling up day after day.

"Instead of straightening up our store, we spend it out here cleaning, because it looks bad at the entrance of the town, and it looks terrible," Hagland said.

They're throwing bags and bags into this truck, and making several trips a day to the landfill at 35 bucks a load, it's trashing their funds.

"It's much more than we make that day sometimes," Hagland said.

It's a growing problem piling up around the basin, but especially here where it's stacking up by the day.

"We have to clean all this because next Saturday it will be the same," Hagland said.