Midland County Woman Sees Mosquito Infestation in her garden

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

"How do I feel...Wyatt, you really don't want to know how I feel," said Bonnie Scott, a south Midland County resident.

Scott is fed up with her regular mosquito infestations in Midland County. She said she just wants to be able to walk around outside for a little while.

"Because I feel like if we live out in the country, we should be able to go out, and work in our garden, and work in our yards, or just walk around and breathe fresh air. But we are not able to do that on this side of 75 East," explained Scott.

Scott has seen mosquitoes in her garden in past years, but with more rain in the Permian Basin this summer, she said the mosquitoes are out in full force.

"Where they just cover you...they will cover you," said Scott.

Off of East County Road 75, residents say the wind usually blows from south to north, so when the county comes to spray for mosquitoes, that's great if you are on this north side of the street. But if you're on the south side, you hardly get any treatment at all.

"They need to go behind us, and spray. Those people back there have small children. And they need to go back there and spray, so everybody would benefit from that," explained Scott.

She said she has called county officials about this problem, but she said none of her phone calls have been returned. She said just hearing back from the county would be a good first step.

"That's all we asked. We pay our taxes. And we want the county to acknowledge that we are having a problem just like everybody else in the county," said Scott.

One of Bonnie Scott's biggest fears, of course, is catching the West Nile Virus. But Texas officials said there is no confirmed positive testing in Midland or Ector Counties for West Nile. We talked with one Midland County official on the phone who said they spray around the whole county regularly, and that they are aware of more mosquitoes in the Permian Basin due to the weather.