Street Lights Out in one Odessa Neighborhood

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- On the corner of Santa Rita and Montecello, in Odessa, residents say they have been without street lights for an entire month.

"It's really dark, and I don't feel like it's safe," said Beth Keith , a resident in the area, who says she has tried to call ONCOR, but always gets the same response, "We'll fix it in fifteen days, we have fifteen days to fix it."

"To us it's a security light, that protects this part of our neighborhood," said Bill Hetzler, who has lived in the neighborhood for almost thirty years.

ONCOR services 180,000 street lights in the area, Rep. Mike Nieto says if you have a power outage the best way to inform the company is online at  Neito says keeping up with this summers storms hasn't been easy, and the companies first priority is to homes and businesses.

"People take for granted you've got street lights, and then you don't have them," said Keith.