Crop Dusting Plane makes hard landing in Garden City

by Mitzi Loera

NewsWest 9

In the small farming community of Garden City hearing a plane pass overhead is not unusual.

"Right now, at this time you know its a crop duster," said Glasscock Sheriff's Deputy Keith Burnett.

On Wednesday Morning, a Cessna Ag truck was crop dusting a cotton field, and made an unplanned hard landing.

"A little after eight we received a call of a possible plane going down in this vicinity, so we responded in this area.  The subject that was driving the plane had already exited the plane, and was walking down the road when we drove up here."

The plane crashed just off of County Road 125 and the pilot 19 year old Grant Schwartz was taken to Midland Memorial Hospital.

"He suffered just minor injuries from his eye to his head," Burnett said.

According to Deputy Keith Burnett, the Federal Aviation Administration from Lubbock was called in to investigate.

"They'll do their investigation, and we'll turn it over to them.  Anytime a plane is involved in a crash or anything like that, the FAA has to be notified, and that's why the investigation just part of the rules we follow. We haven't had many plane crashes in this area.  I've been here seven years, and think we've had one prior to this," Burnett said.

Deputy Burnett tells us the FAA came out in the afternoon to the scene to investigate.

No word yet on the cause of the crash.

The pilot, Grant Schwartz, suffered a broken ankle and will be held overnight for observation.