Dewhurst seeks details on deficient Texas bridges

Staff Report
The Associated Press

AUSTIN (AP) - Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst is questioning claims that Texas bridges are safe -- after the deadly Minneapolis bridge collapse.

Dewhurst is demanding details about deficient bridges from state transportation officials.

Agency spokesman Mark Cross says the department will comply.

A 2006 report found more than 2,100 Texas bridges had the same "structurally deficient" rating given to the Minnesota span that fell last week.

State officials insist that all 50,000 bridges in Texas are completely safe.

Dewhurst on Friday wrote to Texas Department of Transportation chairman Ric Williamson about his concerns and gave the agency an August 17th deadline.

Dewhurst wants the department to compile a report detailing: "the number and locations of all structurally deficient bridges, the status of their maintenance contracts and their anticipated date for repair."