Car in House Gets Attention of City Officials

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Normally when you see a Stop sign, you know what to do but on the corner of 31st and Pleasant in Odessa, some drivers aren't getting the message.

"They run this stop sign here. In the ten years I have lived here I have seen at least seven times that they have run into that house, over and over again and they damage the people's property," said Susan Fuentes, a neighbor.

"I've lost track of how many times the house down the street has been hit," said Sue Douglas, a neighbor.

Last Friday it happened again and the cars are still stuck inside the house. According to the renter that lives at the home, the truck took off after he hit her cars but she found his licence plate. She says his insurance will cover the damage to the home but not the cars.

"I am mad because it's not right for somebody to come and tear up your stuff and not pay for it," said the home owner that chose to remain anonymous.

Today Hal Feldman from the City of Odessa, showed up to talk solutions with neighbors who say they are fed up with the traffic.

"I know even at our house we have had two vehicles, that's been hit in front of the house people right up the street have had their fence broken down, it seems like speed is a real problem," said Douglas.

"Sometimes, they try to turn and they've taken half of that fence and almost gone into my yard and my fence, bricks have flown over to my cars," said Fuentes.

Feldman says the City plans to install a yellow sign to help slow traffic.

"What we can do on either sign post a speed limit sign too," said Feldman.

But neighbors say when the city replaced a yield sign at the intersection before they installed a stop sign, they thought that change would help slow traffic.

"I really don't know what they can do to help," said Douglas.