2nd body found after North Dakota pickup crash

Staff Report

The Associated Press

WILLISTON, N.D. - The North Dakota Highway Patrol says the body of a second Texas man from a pickup truck crash has been found after draining around a spillway near the crash site.

Authorities found the body of 22-year-old Jared Dill of Odessa early yesterday. They say the pickup veered off a curve at Springbrook Dam early yesterday morning in Williams County, near the Canadian border.

Authorities thought Dill was alone in the pickup. But they got word last night that another man had been in the vehicle. So they drained some of the water from a lagoon around the spillway.

The patrol says the body of 27-year-old Juan Ibarra of Pasadena, Texas, was found before dawn today. Authorities say speed and alcohol contributed to the crash.

Williams County Detective Verlan Kvande says authorities are not sure at this point who was driving, or the exact time of the crash. He says the first body was found above the spillway and the pickup was found at the bottom of the spillway.