El Paso woman survives pickup accident falling off 150-foot cliff

Staff Report

The Associated Press

EL PASO, Texas - Rescuers are marveling that a 71-year-old El Paso woman suffered just minor injuries after her pickup fell 150 feet down a cliff.

Authorities say Helene Crosser and her wrecked truck weren't found for more than seven hours yesterday.

Sheriff's officials say Crosser was driving on Loop 375/Trans Mountain Road to watch the sunrise when her shoe fell off and got jammed under the brake pedal.

Crosser tried to pull off the road but couldn't slow down, so her truck bounced off a boulder and sailed off the cliff.

Another driver -- on U.S. Highway 54 -- noticed light glinting off what turned out to be the wreckage, drove to the spot -- and found Crosser.

Crosser was taken to Thomason Hospital to be treated for dehydration and other non-life-threatening injuries.

She didn't have her cell phone with her.