Rain Prolongs Cotton Crop

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

GARDEN CITY- When your cash crop depends on rain, waiting can be tough, but one local farmer says last week he was afraid his cotton fields had waited too long.
"It's just disheartening, you are praying every day for a rain, and it doesn't come, and it doesn't come, and it's just one more day. It would rain on the far side of the community, and you kept thinking maybe tomorrow is my day. So there is a lot of emotion in it, you're wanting real hard," said Carl Hoelscher, a cotton farmer in the basin.

Last weeks late rain answered his prayers. Without water, his crops would start to shed, and Holescher relies solely on the sky to water his plants.

"Last year if you had irrigated cotton, you had a so-so year. If you had dry land, you had zero," he said adding,  "I had zero."
What's good for the cotton farmer may not be for the other farmers.

"It's a blessing for some and a curse for others," said Hoelscher, "It has hurt some of my neighbors that have watermelons, because they haven't been able to pick right now, but for the majority of the people, and the majority of the acres the rain was just heaven sent."