Tall Grass and Weeds...Danger to Drivers??

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

With all the recent rain that's pouring over the basin, the grass is greener and a lot taller, but from one side of the road, it's not all the safe.

"The weeds are getting pretty tall and when traffic is going to the east and you're going to turn north here it obstructs the view," Linda Bothwell, a frequent driver, said.

Drivers like Linda Bothwell travels down Highway 80 everyday, and with all the tall grass and weeds, she can barely see her way through.

"They obstruct the view, this is a dangerous intersection anyway," Bothwell said.

Taller grass and weeds, a sure sign of the soaked summer we've had this season.

Weather that's wearing out its welcome for many, and creating a problem across the Lone Star State.  TxDOT officials say the wet weather is delaying much needed mowing.

"It is a statewide problem there's been a lot of rain across Texas this year.  Imagine in East Texas where they have a lot more mowing schedules than we do, they're behind schedule. They're working as fast as they can," Glen Larum, a TxDOT Public Information Officer, said.

Now TxDOT officials say be careful when on the road, take your time and edge out a little bit to make sure no one is coming, if the weeds are blocking your view.  They also tell us they are expecting a mowing crew to make their way out here as early as Tuesday.