COPY-Gardendale Stop Sign Problems

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

There aren't a lot of fatal accidents that happen in Gardendale, but the intersection at Goldenrod and Pecan does see some busy traffic during certain parts of the day. That's according to one neighbor who saw the cars just after they crashed.

"It was just so unnecessary, and just very tragic, to see life and death so close. Just one day they're alive and then the next day, it's just tragic. And I believe they were young. And that makes it even more sad," explained Kathy Allen, who lives at the intersection.

That's how Allen felt Monday after watching police and firefighters clean up after Sunday night's fatal crash. NewsWest 9 talked with her, not only about what she saw, but about her living near this stop sign at the corner of Goldenrod and Pecan.

"There's just been so many close calls, just so many. We have farm implements that go up and down the road. We have four wheelers going up and down the road. It's just, you know, just a rural area and people think that it's safe to just go," said Allen.

But as Sunday night shows, running a stop sign can be a deadly decision.

"It seems to be a common problem in this county," said one county official.

Allen also said that flashing lights or four way stop signs would help, especially in Ector County.

"Gardendale is growing, we've had more housing and the traffic has picked up, I've lived out here for 7 years, and it's definitely picked up within the last 3 years, and we're going to see more of this," explained Allen.

Allen said neighbors in Gardendale have previously contacted County Officials about putting more safety signs or a four way intersection. But so far, their requests hadn't been met.

Neighbors still hope something will be done, so accidents like the fatal accident on Sunday night don't happen again.