Trial starting this week in 24-year-old mass murder case

Staff Report

The Associated Press

HENDERSON, Texas - Jury selection is scheduled to start this week in the 24-year-old case of five people who went missing from a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and turned up dead.

Prosecutors say it could be the most notorious crime in northeast Texas.

Three men and two women went missing from a KFC in Kilgore on a Friday night in 1983. The bodies were found the next morning about 15 miles away, near Henderson.

All had been shot to death.

The murders went unsolved for more than two decades. Authorities say DNA evidence tied two men to the crime.

Romeo Pinkerton, now 49, could face the death penalty if he's convicted of murder. His trial starts Wednesday in New Boston.

His alleged accomplice, 46-year-old Darnell Hartsfield, will probably go on trial next year.