Men in Midland get free prostate cancer screening

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

Men in Midland given the chance to get a free screening for prostate cancer.

The Great Ideal Baptist Church along with several sponsors promoted their free screenings.

It was all about letting the public know how important it is for men over fourty years old to have regular prostate exams.

And while certain parts of a prostate exam might not seem all that pleasant, doctors say it is still important for men's health.

"It is not that big a deal, and we really would like to get as many people in to do it as possible, and it is an annual exam," Dr. James Corwin said.

"I would think, you know, that it's a blessing from the lord, you know, because a lot of people, you know, don't have the insurance,  that this would enable them to have this done, you know, without having to worry about the expenses," Dennis Earl Hodge, who was screened said.

People involved with Sunday's screenings say it is a good way to inform the public about the importance of this exam.