Crestview Baptist Church moving to a new location

Staff Report

NewsWest 9

The Crestview Baptist Church in Midland will soon move to a new location.

On Sunday, members of the community were present for the Church's groundbreaking ceremony.

Mayor Mike Canon was there to talk about their move to Loop 250 and Thomason.

At the same time, the Church is celebrating it's 54 year anniversary.

And the pastor says the new facility is really going to help in the future.

"Well, we really just want to be able to serve the community better and we've kinda, we've just to help our growth, to be able to provide for our growth and we want to be able to provide to the community a lot of different services and ministries together to make a difference," John Gerlach, Pastor of Crestview Baptist Church, said.

Gerlach also mentioned that their new location will make the Church more visible and accessible for all those who attend.