Bridge Safety in Basin

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- According to a 2006 Federal Audit, Texas failed to put up maximum weight limit signs on decaying bridges. After the deadly bridge collapse in Minneapolis bridges all over the country including 50,000 in Texas have come scrutiny. Here in West Texas, Texas Department of Transportation, Public Information officer in the Odessa District Glen Larum says the bridges here are completely safe.
"Our engineers and the people that look at bridges, their families cross those bridges too, so we're not taking any chances," said Larum, "We inspect every bridge, on a regular basis. We look at everything about the bridge. If a bridge is structurally unsafe it will be closed."

In 2004 a section of I-20 washed away when the current from flooding broke West of Pecos, near Toyah. A Reeves County Sheriff noticed the bridge was in danger of collapse and blocked off the area. No one is injured but Larum says a natural disaster or damage from an accident are more likely to cause a bridge to fall than normal wear and tear.
"So there are things that happen to bridges but in terms of the safety of the bridges. If that bridge is out there and it's open. It's safe," said Larum.