New home video of the Minneapolis Bridge collapse surfaces

by Jay Gray

NBC News

New home video provides the closest look yet at what was going on just minutes after the Minneapolis I-35 bridge collapsed.

"It was pretty intense, and it was pretty surreal to see all of it," said witness Cole Naymark.

At least five people are dead, and several more are still missing.

Finding those victims is not getting any easier.

"Yesterday we were pretty careful to say, it was very hazardous.  Today it doesn't get any better, in fact I'd venture to say it gets worse," said Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek.

Authorities made things a little better by lowering the river level about two feet, but there is concern that parts of the tattered bridge could still fall away.

Divers say debris is still shifting under water.

The current is swift and the Mississippi is very murky.

"Visibility's terrible. They can see maybe six inches at best, and so they're moving very slow and methodical," said Sheriff's Captain Bill Chandler.

As recovery teams continued their grueling, and at times gruesome task, First Lady Laura Bush visited the site to say thank you to first responders, and take a closer look at the devastation.

She, like so many, is trying to come to grips with what happened here.