Officials at Town and Country in Stanton speak out over gas pumps

by Michael Stafford

NewsWest 9

As NewsWest Nine first told you, the State released a list of gas stations short changing customers on fuel.

The only one in the Permian Basin on that list, the Town and Country in Stanton.

On Friday, officials at Town and Country spoke out.

The company says they were not trying to rip customers off, blaming the problem on machine malfunction, and as soon as the report came out, they re-calibrated the pumps.

A State Agriculture Official showed us how exactly how they check the pumps.  

If a pump is six tablespoons short per five gallons, then it's out of compliance.

At the Town and country store in Stanton, three pumps came in just under the limit that would call for a state fine.

One actuallly gave out more gas to customers.

Town and Country officials say they routinely hire a company to check the pumps, but these four didn't show up on their list.

"Well Town and Country, we fully intend to comply with all laws whether it be state or federal pertaining to gasoline distribution and product dispensing.  The fact is, there was nothing intentional here, Town & Country wants to do the right thing, and we do, we at our own expense, we go and calibrate dispensers when we're not required to do that, but we do that because we want to make sure that our customers get the gallons that they are purchasing, and that's just the Town & Country culture, because we do the right thing," Robert Eggleston, from Town & Country, said.

Out of Town and Country's 718 gas pumps, only four were malfuntioning.

If you ever feel you've been shortchanged at the pump, call the State Agriculture Department.

They will investigate within ten days.