Mother Nature releases her fury on the Basin

by Mitzi Loera

NewsWest 9

Clean up started Thursday after Wednesday night's storms dropped several inches of rain in the Basin, and a lot of that water ended up in homes and businesses.

Last night Mother Nature unleashed her fury, leaving almost everything under several inches of water, including many homes and business.

"I didn't think we were going to get this thing cleaned up."

Steve Sanders owner of Mrs. Irene's in Midland had to close his daycare for the day.

"There was no place for the kids to play at least fifty percent of this building was covered in water. I opened this thing up and it was just gushing there was nothing I could do about it. It was all over," Sanders explained.

In 36 years he's never had to close his doors for something like this.

"To about right here it's about what do you say, about 3 to 4 inches high?  I think we got a little bit too much too fast," Sanders said.

Michelle Floyd and her family live on Northrup street in Midland.

"The flood waters didn't subside until about eight this morning and we had a total of about 3 inches of water through most of our house," Floyd said.

They've spent most of the day cleaning up.

"Since 8 this morning, we've had people over here helping us get all the carpet out of our house, move all the furniture, and try to clean up all the damage," Floyd said.

And the repair costs won't be covered by insurance. Since they don't have flood insurance.

"I've gotten quotes for the sheet rock three to four dollars a square foot or more, and that doesn't include tile.  I can't tell you how many gallons of water we've pulled out of our house, and like I said we were trying to fight it," Floyd said.

Every stitch carpet in the Floyds home was completely soaked.

As for Mrs. Irene's they will be opened for business on Friday.