Serious Storms Flood Homes across the Basin

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

West Texans all over have just been trying to clean up after Wednesday night's storms. Torrential rain and heavy flooding pounded the Permian Basin, and West Texans all over have just been trying to clean up after the storms. Danny Breedlove in Odessa saw lots of rain and flooding at his house.

"Well, it rained last night, and the streets were flooded again out here, and like I say, we've talked to the commissioner about it. They're supposed to fix it, they haven't done it," explained Breedlove. "As you can see my backyard is flooded again where they come in my drive and over the barricade out there."

Breedlove said the biggest problem for the area is a lack of drainage. He's had to use a water pump to flush it all out from his backyard.

"This morning, before I put my pump in over there, this whole, everything was underwater, and you can see where it all came up over my little deal there in this back door of my house, you can see the water line on that little carpet over there. And it did come in the front side, through the wall a little bit around there, and my wife put towels in there and soaked that up," said Breedlove.

But the damage Breedlove saw to his house isn't nearly as bad as what Mandy Frausto had in her Midland home Wednesday night.

"Well, I was sitting on my bed watching TV, and then I felt something cold on my feet. And I looked down and I saw there was water all over the carpet. So, I got up and went to the bathroom and it was flooded. And I came in here and the kitchen, the dining, and my daughter's room, it was flooded," explained Frausto.

Try about 4 inches.

"My daughter was in there, and I called them, the kids, and we started pushing that water outside with mops, brooms, whatever we could find. Pots, you know, just throwing the water outside," said Frausto.

But as hard as they tried, they couldn't stop all the water from damaging the carpet, and a lot of other items in the house.

"Entertainment center, you know, things that sit on the floor like my dresser, stuff like that, clothes, blankets, from the kids, a lot of stuff got ruined," explained Frausto.

Frausto said a lot of that stuff including all the carpet will have to be replaced. She has insurance, but she's not sure if it covers flooding. In the meantime, West Texans like her will continue to try and recover after the storms.