Bridge collapses in Minneapolis, Minnesota

by Leanne Gregg
NBC News

At least 6 people died Wednesday night after part of a 4 lane interstate bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis collapsed during evening rush hour.

Authorities searched at least 50 cars that dropped into the water.

It happened on the Interstate 35 West Bridge that spans between Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota over the Mississippi River.

Authorities are trying to determine what caused the bridge to break into several huge pieces.

It had been under construction reportedly for a widening and resurfacing project..

Witnesses reported a pounding sensation before the bridge collapsed.

Those on the scene described it as a catastrophic disaster.

"All of a sudden I heard some noises and I looked up and then all of a sudden, way ahead of me, you know, cars started falling, and the ground is going out from underneath and the cars are falling and it's of like dominoes, it's getting closer and closer," said one witness.

Dozens of cars and pedestrians on the bridge plummeted into the water.

The extent of injuries and fatalities is still being determined.

"We have concern that this will be a very tragic night when it is over," said Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak.

Some survivors were seen walking out of the damage.  
A school bus with 58 students on board was on the bridge.

Two are reported to have suffered serious injury.

Emergency crews were on the scene throughout the night in response to this major disaster.

Business and transportation in the entire area have been interrupted because of the disaster.

The Minnesota Twins game scheduled for Thursday is among the events postponed.