Heely's prohibited from M.I.S.D. and E.C.I.S.D. campuses

by Mitzi Loera
NewsWest 9

They're the latest fad.

A tennis shoe equipped with a wheel.

Heelys are what the kids are wearing now a days.

ECISD banned the shoe last year and Midland I.S.D approved a rule to prohibit the shoe last week.

"The main reason shoes with wheels aren't allowed at school is because they are not safe."

Jan Brown is the principal at Barbara Jordan elementary in Odessa and says your child's safety becomes their responsibility the minute they step onto the campus.

"Our halls are slick we have a lot of people moving through the halls at one time and the purpose of having wheels on shoes in the first place is to move faster. We don't need students to move any faster than they already try to move," Brown said.

One Odessa mom we spoke to agreed the shoes should be left at home.

"They shouldn't wear them to school anyway they are disruptive. Most of my friends kids that get them known they are doing like recreational stuff they are going to use them later like their scooters they are not going to wear them to school," Allison Price, a mother of an Odessa student, said.

Brown says at her campus some students made a compromise to wearing their Heely shoes.

"Last year I had students who would wear the shoes to walk to school or roll to school whatever, and then they would remove them put them in their back pack and exchange them for another pair of shoes, that's not the best suggestion, but if parents want to get some wear out of those shoes that's what I'd suggest. The best suggestion is would be save them for the weekend or for after school," Brown said.