The State of Texas releases new report on gas pumps short changing customers

by Michael Stafford

NewsWest 9

State officials have released a new report showing 100 gas pumps across Texas were shorting customers.

The good news is only one gas station in the Permian Basin showed up on this latest list.

It's tough being a consumer these days. Prices are going up everywhere especially at the gas pumps.  The very least you'd expect to get is exactly what you paid for.

Unfortunately, drivers pulling into the Town and Country store off I-20 in Stanton were getting short changed.

Whether it's deliberate or not isn't the issue.  Consumers are already facing three dollars a gallon prices and throw in the taxes, and then inaccurate pumps?  That's enough to fuel anyone's fire.

We caught up with some angry consumers. James Taylor of Stanton told us, "It does make me think twice about getting gas anywhere for that matter, because you never know when you're going to get shortchanged, or if you're really going to get your money's worth.  It's very upsetting."

Carlos Espinoza says "No I didn't know that."  How does that make you feel?  "Really angry, because gas is already outrageous."

Brody Pinkerton says, "They're high enough as it is, and if they're going to steal more money out from under us, it doesn't make me very happy."

State records show this store's price signs didn't reflect the correct price at the pump, and the pumps weren't calibrated properly which meant they paid for more than they received.

NewsWest 9 went in and asked the manager for an interview, but she declined.  She did give us the corporate office in San Angelo, but we were never able to speak with anyone.

The state requires every gas pump to be inspected at least once every four years.  But inspectors will investigate a pump within ten days if a consumer makes an official complaint with the Texas Agriculture Department.

Meantime, the Town & Country store faces a number of fines not to mention the customers who say they won't be doing any more business with the store.