Safety Zones Look to Cut Down Accidents

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

If you ever head down 42nd street in Odessa, you're sure to come across everything from houses, to churches, and even high schools, but the other thing you'll find on 42nd street is traffic, and Odessa Police are out and about this week to enforce areas they're calling Safety Zones.

"Especially focusing on 42nd street with the LIDAR, looking for speeders, violators who run lights, and stop signs, and any other violations," said Corporal Sherrie Carruth, with Odessa Police.

Officers have been conducting the Safety Zone Program for several years now. But this is the first year they're telling drivers which areas they're staking out.

"Our city is growing, are traffic out there really has become congested, and we just need people to slow down, and especially at these red lights," explained Carruth.

Police we talked to Tuesday on 42nd street said they haven't seen as many people this year speeding through the city like in past years. But our cameras were rolling as officers with the LIDAR made sure that law-breakers were pulled over, and preventing accidents in Odessa is the key goal with Safety Zones.

"Because, basically for this area, our number one cause of death has been accidents," said Carruth.

Officials said their Safety Zones are especially patrolled early in the morning, lunch time, and during evening traffic. And even though the program will end soon, police said they will be gearing up again with school just around the corner.