President Bush meets with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown at Camp David

by Steve Handlesman

NBC News

President Bush and Britain's new Prime Minister Gordon Brown agreed Monday at Camp David that their goals are the same in Iraq.

President Bush invited Britain's new Prime Minister to Camp David.

Gordon Brown is reserved, unlike his predecessor Tony Blair, whose closeness to George Bush hurt Blair at home.

Bush and Brown discussed global warming, Darfur, Iranian nukes, the Arab-Israeli conflict,
and the jihad that's hit Britain.

In Iraq Bush and Brown now have different strategies.

Some British troops are withdrawing, with Brown claiming success.

"When you look at four provinces for which we've got responsibility - we can see that we're able to move control back to the Iraqi people," said Brown.
Meanwhile, the Bush surge got a boost from former critics just back from Iraq.

"We just might win"...concludes a New York Times op-ed by Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack.

"The U-S Iraqi forces were making real progress on the security side in terms of establishing  security for the Iraqi people and creating space for local, political and economic development  which has also made some real progress," said Pollack, a Middle East scholar from the Brookings Institute.

Still, Iraq's parliament adjourned Monday until September, without solving crucial issues like the dispersal of oil revenue.