Spy shop in Dallas, Texas robbed

by Ellen Goldberg


Two bold burglars struck a Texas store that sells some of the best security equipment money can buy, and not one or two, but 17 cameras were rolling when they did, catching all their quick work on tape.

"The point is nobody is safe there is always a stupid criminal out there," said Spy Supply owner Kris Webb.

The pair broke into Webb's surveillance gear store in North Richland Hills, Texas last week.

"I've got them on no less than 17 cameras, we are a security business," laughed Webb.

As if the name of the business wasn't telling enough, multiple warning signs should have been.

"It is absolutely astounding that these people have the audacity to steal from us and not expect to get caught," Webb said.

The 17 surveillance cameras caught several clear images of the two crooks who broke in through the store's front door early Friday.

In one minute and 15 seconds the daring duo filled a trash can with close to ten thousand dollars worth of spy equipment.

There's even a clear shot of their getaway car.

Webb says he's taking the robbery in stride.

"I'm pretty confident they will get caught, I'm not confidant we'll get our equipment back."