Texas Governor Rick Perry reports raising $880,000 in 2 weeks

Staff Report

The Associated Press

AUSTIN (AP) - Texas Governor Rick Perry raked in hundreds of 880-thousand dollars over two weeks in June, much of it from big donors.

That leaves him with one-point-four (m) million dollars to spend on campaigns.

But whose campaign?

The haul is leading to speculation that the Republican Governor might run for an unprecedented third consecutive term in 2010.

That's something Perry has not ruled out.

But there are other ways he can spend his money, all of which would help cement Perry's power base while still in office and beyond.

For starters, Perry pays for most of his official travel with his campaign account, not his state government budget. And he told potential donors in a fundraising letter in June he wants to hit

the road this fall to talk up important issues needing attention at the Capitol.

Besides traveling and using the bully pulpit to spread his message, Perry could help press his agenda by spreading his campaign money around to other like-minded Republicans seeking

seats in the Legislature.

The money can be given as campaign donations to other state candidates.